Slaying the myth of ‘professionalism’ and hoisting the flag for human

Communication is as inherent to humans as breathing, yet many organisations persist in using a stilted, inhuman style that snuck insidiously into corporate culture sometime during the industrial revolution and hasn’t budged since. It’s no coincidence that the same organisations also bemoan that they aren’t connecting with their people.

Fortunately, we’ve burst triumphant from this stiff, faux- professional, human resources era into a people, leadership and culture age. It’s a renaissance of real. Human is back!

However, the challenge remains — breaking decades of entrenched, outdated communication assumptions, battling the status quo, and bringing human back into the workplace. What communication methods work best in the modern organisation? How can we better engage today’s, and tomorrow’s workforce?

In this keynote Jen will take you down the rabbit hole to explore 9 pillars of human communication. She’ll arm you with the art and science to truly engage.