The Employee

The future of work


Becoming a leader of influence

The Science of

Slaying the myth of ‘professionalism’ and hoisting the flag for human

Ideal for:

The Driven 

Leaders with the passion to do more than just manage, they dare to do things better.

The Hungry 

Those with a voracious appetite to rip in, re- imagine, re-create, and make a real impact.

The Brave

Pioneers with the cahoonas* to blaze news paths for others to follow.

* Yep! Cahoonas...

Not ideal for:

The Dinosaurs

Those who believe that employees are simply resources or assets.

The Sheep Dippers 

Those who believe in traditional or one-size-fits-all solutions to today’s complex problems.

The Wafflers:

Those who love to pontificate endlessly about The Idea... but never execute.

Available as:

20 min bursts 

Perfect for an intense schedule when you need a breath of fresh air or deliver a swift (metaphorical) uppercut to your audience.

45 – 90 min keynotes 

When you need a speaker to keep the energy up... especially the dreaded after lunch spot!

Half day masterclasses  

Dive deeper into the details and put your audience to work with a range of engaging hands-on activities.

Full day immersions  

The ultimate exploration into today's most transformative topics.