Beyond Mediocrity

Becoming a leader of influence

Of all the challenges facing today’s leaders, one of the biggest is capturing attention in an increasingly hectic world.

We’re expected to do more with less, with a workforce that comprises four generations, each with their own unique motivations and preferences. It’s hard work, and it’s little wonder that many organisations have an engagement problem.

Time and time again, the question is: "how can I make sure our message is heard, and acted on?" How do we ensure that the important work we do isn’t in vain, that it reaches our intended audience and has the desired impact? How do we influence those around us? How do we leave a legacy behind?

In this keynote, Jen pushes past the status quo and proposes a new approach. Using design thinking, communication, and a human-centered methodology, she unpacks the science behind influence, and shares strategies, tactics and insights into becoming a leader of influence.