So, the whole written in the 3rd person thing feels mighty strange when you’re writing about yourself. But I hope it makes your job easier if you’re talking about me for any reason :)

Jen Jackson is the owner and director of award-winning, employee experience company, Jaxzyn. She heads up an amazing team of strategic, creative, business-savvy individuals, to help pioneering leaders go beyond mediocrity in the workplace.

Jen is a regular keynote speaker at conferences and industry events. She’s also frequently invited to join panel discussions and podcasts where she brings a fresh perspective. She has facilitated strategic offsites with leadership teams in the USA and UK, as well as around Australia. She is a regular presenter and facilitator at organisational conferences and workshops, sharing insights from her work around the world.

Jen considers herself lucky to have worked with leaders and influencers of Fortune 500 and ASX listed organisations. Recent work includes helping steer the brand and direction of PepsiCo’s Global EHS department — inspiring 200,000 employees worldwide to Pursue Positive; she has helped re-imagine how EHS and CSR might look in the future at Mattel; and, guided creative strategy for change, culture and leadership programs for Nestlé, McDonald’s, BlueCare, Origin Energy, and Coca-Cola.

Jen is a realistic idealist. She balances business objectives, strategy and performance with a deep understanding of how to connect. She champions human and will always fight for work that considers people first and foremost.